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Data Abstractions for Database Systems

Data abstractions are originally conceived as a specification tool in programming. Lockemann, Mayr, Weil and Wohlleber describe the idea of approaching database design from a specification of the database operations similar to the objectives of data abstraction in software engineering and programming language design. In their paper “Data Abstractions for Database Systems” they demonstrate that this operational concept of data abstraction can be applied with good profit to database design.

In this paper a precise definition of a number of widely and not always consistently used notions such as data type, data structure, data model and database schema is given. It is shown that data abstraction can be used as a specification tool in a multilevel system architecture for the description of the interfaces of the various levels.

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Peter C. Lockemann

Heinrich C. Mayr


Peter C. Lockemann, Heinrich C. Mayr, Wolfgang H. Weil, Wolfgang H. Wohlleber: Data Abstractions for Database Systems, ACM Transaction on Database Systems, Vol.4, No. 1, pp. 60-75, 1979