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DATAID-1 is a manual methodology dealing with the design of centralized databases. DATAID-1 is described by Valeria De Antonellis and Antonio Di Leva in 1985. It is extended and improved on the basis of practical experience of several projects in banks and government offices. They also illustrate a case study of database design using the DATAID approach. The case study refers to a banking environment. This case study is illustrated in their paper “A Case Study of Database Design using the DATAID Approach”. DATAID consists of the following methodological phases:

  • Requirement collection and analysis
  • Local views design 
  • Local views integration
  • Logical design
  • Physical design 

These phases are followed in the development of the case study of database design.

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Valeria De Antonellis


De Antonellis, V./Di Leva, A.: A Case Study of Database Design using the DATAID Approach, Information Systems, Vol. 10 , pp. 339 – 359, 1985.

De Antonellis, V./Di Leva, A.: DATAID-1: A database design methodology, Information Systems 10(2), pp. 181 – 195, 1985.