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Data Schema Integration Methodology

In 1983 many problems of data integration are addressed but not all of them and the whole area of data integration is not at a mature stage.

In the paper “A Methodology for Data Schema Integration in the Entity-Relationship Model” Batini and Lenzerini describe a methodology for data schema integration. The described integration process consists of three steps. These steps are:

  1. conflict analysis,
  2. merging and
  3. final enrichment and restructuring of the schema.

In the conflict analysis phase all incoherences should be detected and solved. The main tasks are naming conflicts analysis, resolution of synonymy and homonymy and the modeling compatibility analysis. In the merging phase schemata are merged into a unique draft integrated schema. The main tasks of the third phase are analysis of interschema properties, analysis of redundant paths or schema restructuring.

In this paper an effort is made to face all the relevant issues that can arise in the integration of several conceptual schemata and provide for all of them a design strategy.

More information

Carlo Batini

Maurizio Lenzerini


Batini, C./Lenzerini, M.: A Methodology for Data Schema Integration in the entity relationship model, ER 1983: 413-420