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We cordially thank the following for their invaluable help while preparing this virtual exhibition: Manfred Broy, Tove Dahl, Ria Dijkstra, Tony Hoare, Jayadev Misra, Johanna, Marius and Andreas Nygaard, Olaf Owe and Niklaus Wirth.

We would like to thank the colleagues preparing the Dahl-Dijkstra- Nygaard virtual memorial exhibition for their invaluable support: Vicki L. Almstrum, Angelika Auer, Ann Dünki, Michaela Harrich, Ulf Hashagen, Günther Hödl, Barbara Maier, Hartmut Petzold, Martina Steinbacher and Claudia Steinberger.

Screen design and navigation structure of this website are adapted from the award winning virtual exhibition “Bhutan. Fortress of the Gods” (www.bhutan.at) with kindly permission by the heads of the project Christian Breiteneder & Martin Hitz.

Development Team
People we would like to thank for their contribution

Auer Angelika
Böszörmenyi Laszlo
Harrich Michaela
Müller Armin
Podlipnig Stefan
Schönhart Sabrina
Steinberger Claudia

Müller Armin
Neiss Dann
Oppermann Julia
Schönhart Sabrina

Auer Angelika
Harrich Michaela
Müller Armin
Schönhart Sabrina

Technical realisation
Müller Armin
Schönhart Sabrina

University of Klagenfurt

Broy Manfred
Dahl Tove
Dijkstra Ria
Dünki Ann
Hoare Tony
Misra Jayadev
Nygaard Andreas
Nygaard Johanna
Nygaard Marius
Owe Olaf
Steinbacher Martina
Wirth Niklaus

  Copyright © University of Klagenfurt, 2003  


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