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The medium "flyer" exists since 1488. In the 15th century flyers were used as commercial single sheet prints. They were trade goods produced to earn money, offered by carnival barker on carnivals or in front of churches, but also in book stores. Unlike todays flyers they were not free of charge. Therefore they were nearly unattainable for rural population.

Big illustrations were often the size of third the sheet, produced by means of woodcuts.

Since the reformation flyers were not only used to spread news about wonders and sensations, but also for political purposes. They were used as means for conflicts during the religious war.

Nowadays flyers can contain anything from information on kitchen appliances to medical information and religious treatises. Flyers are very important in marketing as they are cheap to produce and can be distributed easily to customers. Flyers have also long been an important tool of political protest and political campaigning for similar reasons.