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Site structure

To use this virtual exhibition efficiently, it is important to understand the site structure. The timeline acts as a kind of root, from which the navigation path leads deeper into this site. In this timeline you can choose in what section of the lifes of Dahl, Dijkstra and Nygaard you want to deepen. Each section consists of descriptions and further links and information. The "Top Years" of Dahl, Dijkstra and Nygaard include the stages where they developed their outstanding ideas and concepts. We also provide explanations of this concepts on these pages. There is also a list of publications on the page, which these computer pioneers composed during this time period.

How to navigate

Each page has a header and a footer, embedding its content.
The header includes a color coded headline and a link. This link leads to the previous navigation layer in the navigation tree.
At the bottom of each page resides the footer.
The footer contains the same link to the previous navigation layer as the header, but the main advantage of the footer is the collection of important links. These links lead to some important functions such as the search function, the glossary or the media gallery. Links to the starting point of the exhibition, the top of the page as well as links to the guestbook and the sitemap are included at the bottom of the page.

Color codes

To ease the navigation and to give a feeling where the user is situated in the navigation tree, we use consistent coloring of the header on each page.

Example: you navigate to a page of Kristen Nygaard, then the header consists of a blue circle and the blue writing "Kristen Nygaard".

Ole-Johan Dahl has a green coloring, Edsger Wybe Dijkstra's headers on his pages are red coloured and Kristen Nygaard's headers are blue.


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